1. Sweet Love

From the recording John Dodge

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You make me feel like I’m living in a country song
One of the good ones
Lord, I’m one lucky son of a gun
We got knees knocking, bed rocking 
High heels and red stockings 
Sparks flyin’ straight into the sky
Plenty of sweet love, sweet love
Plenty of sweet, sweet love
You make me feel like I’m living in a dream come true
Like a Hollywood movie
Lord, you can strike me dead if I’m lyin’
There’s no heart breaking, hell raising, beer drinking, fist shaking
Truck driving straight into a wall
Nothing but sweet love, sweet love
Nothing but sweet, sweet love
Gimme gimme, you gimme everything I long for
You got the kind of loving I’m coming on strong for
C’mon unplug the telephone, ain’t nobody home 
But you and me dancing in the dark
Making our sweet love, sweet love
Making our sweet love
You give me plenty of sweet love, sweet love
Sweet, sweet love