1. Sign Up

From the recording Trio

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Friend let me tell you a story ‘bout a house at the edge of town
There in the dark blue midnight a dirty little deal went down
The boy said, “Man, I got to have all the money, all the women, all the fame
The man said, “Son, that won’t be no problem. I can get you what you want today.”
Once you sign up, sign up, once we get you in the program
Flash! went the smoke and the lightning, the contract he did sign
It’s gonna take the church unusual to break him out of this one alive
He signed up, he signed up, now they got him in the program
Truth can be so complicated, easy to believe the jaded lie
It’s always the same situation, the cradle to the grave
The moment of truth at the crossroads: will you be the master or the slave
When you sign up, sign up, once they get you in the program
Sign up, sign up