1. Jerusalem

From the recording John Dodge

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Jesus went around did a lot of good
Brought a lot of peace to the neighborhood
He cured the sick and he healed the blind
Turned the bride’s water into wine
He gathered up his band of men
The tax collector and the fisherman
He talked about love ‘til his time had come
To walk that highway to kingdom come
Sometimes when the darkness is all I see
I try to remember what he said to me
Jesus went down to Jerusalem
Took a look around and said, “It’s me or them.”
He cried, “Dear Daddy, do I have to go?
I’ve seen what’s coming, it’s a bitter road.”
Sometimes when it’s hopeless, I’m tired and sore
I try to remember what he came here for
They took that man so sweet and clear
And they made him walk the trail of tears
They drove him up the hill to Calvary
Where he stepped through the door to eternity
Now we know he’s coming but we don’t know when
So let’s not do what we did again