1. Dixie Holiday

From the recording John Dodge

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Cool breezes off the Gulf Stream blow
Warm lovers on the causeway
Me and Lady we’re cruising slow
On a Dixie holiday
Stars sparkle on the velvet night
Touch fingers and the sparks flow
Nat King Cole’s on the radio
On a Dixie holiday
And we get high just riding down the highway
Couldn’t care less about tomorrow
The miles roll by and melt into the dark
I been wondering where you are
Real life’s a hundred million miles away
Steam rising off of Ponchartrain
Mississippi in the moonlight
From Pensacola ‘cross to Mobile Bay
On a Dixie holiday
Fried chicken from a roadside stand
Dr. Pepper and a moon pie
Friendly faces baby ain’t life grand
On a Dixie holiday
Warm breezes off the Gulf Stream blow
Cool lovers on the causeway
Me and Baby know it’s time to go
On a Dixie holiday
Don’t you know I wish I was, I wish I was
I wish I was in Dixie