The Planet's Gonna Be Just Fine


You’re freaking ‘bout the plastic, the situation’s drastic, baby, I agree 

We gotta ban it, damn it, we gotta save the planet from catastrophe 

But here’s a dirty secret everybody knows, we’re all just monkeys in designer clothes 

Munching on peanuts of styrofoam dreaming of a brand new home 


You think if you recycle, just ditch the car and bike it’ll all just go away 

But if you check your history it’s really not a mystery how it got this way 

Four billion years of ice and fire, the Mother burnin’ like a funeral pyre 

Volcanoes and poison gas really kicked the planet’s ass—but she can take it 


But don’t worry ‘bout the planet, don’t worry ‘cause the planet’s gonna be just fine 

Don’t you worry ‘bout the planet, I assure you that the planet’s gonna be just fine 

But you and me, baby….you and me, baby…you and me, baby 

You and me…we gotta go