The Ballad of Sean Murphy 


My name is Sean Murphy, come from old County Antrim 

Hard up a hillside by the cold Irish Sea 

Seventh son of Mary, just a plain and sturdy working girl 

My da was Sean Murphy, just the same as me 


One day he did tell me, I’ve got nothing to give you 

My name’s the sole measure of your poor legacy 

So it was I found myself on a ship bound for America 

Where fame and good fortune there awaited me 


The first night at sea I spied a lass made my heart break 

With hair fiery auburn and her eyes deepest green 

There, Sean Murphy boy, said I, is your lover for this brave new world 

A beautiful mother for your family to be 


We sailed our new love across the great rolling ocean 

Reeling with joy at what our future might be 

Speeding much too quickly through the ice field south of Newfoundland 

Steaming through darkness toward our shared destiny 


Last thing I remember ‘fore the cold took all our breath away 

My name is Sean Murphy, would you remember me