Lonesome Here in Heaven


It’s lonesome here in heaven, I’m missing all my friends 

The streets are full of strangers with halos round their heads 

I really don’t mind dyin’ but I do mind bein’ dead— 

It’s lonesome here in heaven and it’s messin’ with my head 


It’s lonesome here in heaven, they got all kinds of rules 

Like you gotta love your neighbor even when he’s bein’ a fool 

And every day is Sunday, there ain’t no Saturday night 

It’s lonesome here in heaven underneath the guiding light 


I went to see St. Peter down by the Pearly Gates 

I said, Excuse me mister, there must be some mistake 

So he pulled out the big book and sure ‘nuff there’s my name 

It’s lonesome here in heaven and I don’t know why I came 


No cussin’ and no card games, no reefer, man, no way 

There ain’t no easy women out beyond the Milky Way 

No liquor, no hangover, there ain’t no hell to pay 

You wake up in the mornin’ that’s as good’s you feel all day 

The trouble with forever is it just takes too much time 


Now all I get for dinner is some wafers and some wine 

And there’s always someone singing down by the riverside 

Only they don’t know the good songs, just “In the Sweet By and By.” 

When I think of old Hank Williams it always makes me cry 


And just like old Hank Williams I’m so lonesome I could die 

But since I’m dead already, man, you’ve got to wonder why 

It’s lonesome here in heaven…it’s lonesome here in heaven 

I’m so lonesome here in heaven I could lay right down and die.