So I Did Nothing

John Dodge

My friend Will Woltz grew up in North Carolina in the 1950's. That background, plus the extraordinary times we're living in now, inspired him to write this wonderful tune. Here is my version, which I hope you will download and recommend to everyone you know who desires a change. If you want to read the lyrics, hit the Info button.

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John Dodge Live @ the Portland Guitar Society 2015

John Dodge

This is an acoustic guitar concert of (mostly) original music spanning rock, folk, jazz, blues and classical styles recorded live at the Portland Guitar Society

The last time we recorded at the Portland Guitar Society was 2010, so we were due for another live record made in this warm, reverberant room before this warm, receptive audience of guitar lovers. As I mention from the stage at one point, "I love to sing, invite me back sometime and I'll sing some songs for you but tonight, at the Portland GUITAR Society, we're focusing on guitar...and songs without words." I chose a set of original instrumentals from my last two records, TRIO and Greetings from Bridgetown, but also include a new, unreleased tune plus one of my favorite acoustic guitar pieces of all time.

Anji: written by Englishman Davey Graham, who taught it to Paul Simon, who taught it to me on Sounds of Silence.

Marfa Lights: there's a desert town in west Texas where mysterious lights are sometimes seen late at night. Nobody seems to know what they are, though as usual, aliens are suspected. I thought the Marfa Lights deserved their own tune.

Simple Prayer: I like to think that if Aaron Copland played acoustic guitar, he would write a song like this.

The Wild Australian: written and dedicated to one of my teachers (and guitar heroes), Tommy Emmanuel.

Walk Down Mystery Street: there's a lane in New Orleans that's only a few short blocks in length. And as I walked down it, the various ideas for this piece came to mind.

What Five is This: rumor has it that Henry VIII wrote the original. When he wasn't busy chopping off heads, I mean. I do it partially in 5/4 time, hence the title.

Jupiter: the most famous theme from the most famous movement from the most famous suite by Gustav Holst. I recorded this with a string quartet from the Oregon Symphony on the CD "Greetings from Bridgetown" but here it is solo.

Carolina Blue: This is the musical equivalent of barbeque sauce.

Toro Toro: appeared with a full band on "Bridgetown" and also on the Portland Guitar Society's Silver Anniversary double CD. It's a multi-movement Spanish-y blues/rock/flamenco kind of thing.

Thanks to Mike Moore of Dead Aunt Thelma's recording studio in Portland who engineered the live recording and did the studio editing. Thanks to Christopher Bibby, whose beautiful "Broadway Bridge" painting graces the cover of this digital album. (More from Bibby at And special thanks to all the members and the board at the Portland Guitar Society, one more reason why this is such a great place to live.

-John Silliman Dodge-

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Greetings from Bridgetown

John Dodge

This 6-song EP covers a lot of stylistic ground--contemporary acoustic/folk, Spanish, classical, Cajun, Americana, pop. Includes special guest appearances by a string quartet featuring members of the Oregon Symphony and my favorite Portland band, 3 Leg Torso.

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John Dodge

John Dodge

A set of a dozen great melodies which run the musical gamut of adult acoustic rock... from Triple-A to mellow ballads, from Americana to smooth jazz to alt folk. Wonderful lyrics and cool production, too. Rhythmic, melodic, catchy.

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