Songs & Lyrics

The Newlyweds

John Dodge
John Dodge



Before I give you to the arms of another

I’ve got something to say…well, me and your mother

It’s the best time we’ve ever had

Being your mom and your dad


Don’t forget to write, though folks don’t write much anymore

Call from time to time, let us know how you’re doing

The occasional Sunday dinner would be nice

Maybe once a month, maybe twice if we can swing it

You and your exciting new life

You’re the newlyweds…newlyweds, husband and wife


You remind us of us at your age, we were crazy

Crazy in love all the while

Now you’re the ones, the ones who are wearing

That “pinch me, I’m dreaming” smile


Don’t forget to laugh, ‘cause laughter lightens any trouble

May no struggle or sorrow or strife ever darken your newlywed life


You remind us of us, we were young once and foolish

Feeding our hearts on a song

For who but a fool would make this commitment

When the rest of our lives are so long?


Now it’s time to go, you’re blowing kisses from the door

Blessings on you both and your brand new beginning

If a baby comes along that would be nice

We could take her off your hands from time to time

You’ll do fine in whatever you do in this life

You’re the newlyweds… you’re the newlyweds…

Newlyweds, husband and wife