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Johnny On the Spot

John Dodge
John Dodge


How long must I play the fool? 

You think I woulda learned back in school

But I was stupid…I was some kinda dense

Pretty stupid…but I’ve come to my senses now


Late nights up to no good, funky business up in the hood

I’m confessin’ that I wasn’t too nice

Learned my lesson, paid a terrible price


When it looks like love but it smells like trouble

You better turn right around, jump down on the double

Johnny oughta know…Johnny’s on top

Johnny’s in the spotlight, uh-huh, Johnny on the spot


Touch fire, fingers will burn, this only took me a lifetime to learn

I was mistaken, now I’m makin’ amends 

I was forsaken by my so-called friends



No more drinkin’ and drivin’

No more cheatin’ on the side

No more chasin’ after money

Runnin’ down numbers on a Saturday night

No more whiskey in the water

No more janey in the pipe

No more sneakin’ down the back stairs

Lookin to the left and the right


Johnny oughta know…Johnny’s on top

Johnny’s in the spotlight…Johnny on the spot