The Deli Llama Orchestra plays Nepal

Nothing can prepare you for the sights, the sounds, the smells, the crowded, colorful chaos that is Kathmandu...

First LA, then Kathmandu


In addition to my own music, I'm privileged to play guitar with The Deli Llama Orchestra, a loosely confederated tribe of musicians from all over the States. We're headed to LA to play at the Vedanta Temple in Hollywood (pictured below). This is also a dress rehearsal for several gigs in Kathmandu, Nepal during the last two weeks of October. I'll be blogging about that and posting pix so please check back often.  Thanks for reading--


The Beatles: All Three Ed Sullivan Shows

The Beatles Fifty Years Ago: excerpts from three of the Ed Sullivan shows.


"Seeing music in colors" is one of the better known examples of synthesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which one of the senses jumps its pathway and triggers a second sense.

McDonald Observatory, Davis Mountains, Texas

The Wilds of West Texas

"It's a whole other country"  is what the Texas state tourism bureau says.

Fiction or Autobiography?

For some reason songwriters are especially prone to the assumption that every lyric is ME talking about ME and MY situation. Which, if you think about it, is pretty darned restrictive.

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